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This site is dedicate to providing BKMs1) for setting up and installing a Wireless Conference room solution knows as Intel Unite.

If you are an Administrator and want to install Intel® Unite™, this site will give you the requirements and the steps to get this solution up an running in your environment. Please take a moment to review the two Overview videos below. They will provide a great background.

After that you will want to know exactly what hardware is required for the conference rooms. In this solution the conference room PC is referred to as the “Hub”. There are specific model numbers you will need to purchase. All are listed in the Hub Models section.

Finally, you'll want to follow the detail 5-part video on Unite™ Enterprise server setup and then follow the instructions on setting up a Proof-of-Concept environment.

NOTE: All reference materials are located in the Library section of this site.

Unite information


For all Unite documentation for users and administrators.

Unite Overview Videos


Do you want to test out Intel® Unite™?
Set up a Proof-of-Concept!

For more information
see POC setup NOTES in the Library section.

Other Unite Pin Servers

1) Best Known Methods
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